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You’re Beautiful, Don’t Forget It!

“To Love Yourself Is To Understand You Don’t Need To Be Perfect To Be Good.” As a gymnast your mentality for the most part is a little different, you work very hard on a daily basis. But for most gymnasts it always feels like there is someone stronger than you, someone more flexible and, someone more courageous. Keeping that in mind the only person you should be competing with is yourself. Every time you go to practice you should do the best you can do, not someone else’s...


Step into the Jumptwist Spotlight | Mckenna Panos

Mckenna Panos is our newest Jumptwist Spotlight! She is an Xcel/Platinum at Carolina Elite. Mckenna received a 9.350 on floor at her very 2nd competition! We love Mckenna’s never give up attitude and are proud to have her on #TeamJumptwist. Watch her routine:   Mckenna flew down to South Florida from her home in North Carolina. She was very persistent practicing and perfecting her choreography anytime and place she could. Her appointment was completed with Jumptwist choreographer Alli...


Ready Or Not It’s Competition Season!

It is that time of year again when the holidays come to an end, and the meets begin! For some gymnasts, this is a glorious time while for others it can’t get any more nerve-wracking. For those gymnasts who feel overwhelmed this time of year, Team Jumptwist is here to help! These are our top 4 tips to be prepared and enjoy competing.      Tip #1     Control Your Emotions: This tip is at the top of the list because it is hands down one of the most important. Keeping your emotions under contr...