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Fear, Social Life, Sacrifice, and Competition Tips | Episode 1

What happens when a gymnast/coach, retired gymnast, and gymnastics judge talk gymnastics? Topics in this gymnastics podcast include fear, social life, sacrifice, competition tips, visualization, raw talent vs. hard work, and choosing floor music. This podcast is meant to give gymnasts some insight and mentorship. Team Jumptwist gives advice on many topics that can help motivate and encourage gymnasts throughout their careers. If there are topics you would like us to discuss, please comment below...


Gymnastics Floor Music

Welcome to Jumptwist Music! Click on ‘Music’ in the menu above to start browsing your favorite genres of floor music. If you are looking for something specific, click on ‘Music-Custom’ and we can create a piece of music just for you! Do you need help choosing music or have any questions? Click ‘Need Help?’ below, fill out the form, and a gymnastics music specialists will get back to you very quickly! If you are looking for choreography, checkout Christina Gamb...


Entry of the Gladiators

This song is one of my favorites right now as a choreographer! I imagine a gymnast full of personality performing to this one. It starts off with the classical circus theme and goes into a high energy fun track. When I first heard this song, I immediately got inspired to make a routine for it, I am just waiting for the gymnast who wants it and calls me! If you know a gymnast who would love this song send them the link: http://jumptwist.com/product/entry-of-the-gladiators/