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Overcoming Injuries by Allie Ardila

     I am a gymnast training for my upcoming level 9 competition season. This sport is a killer for the body and especially for me!  I was born with a condition called Club Feet . In other words I was born with both of my feet backwards. The day I was born, the doctor performed a surgical procedure where he released (cut) my achilles tendon, adjusted and casted my feet. Then a few weeks later I went back to the doctor and went through the same process of releasing my achilles, adjusting and cast...


Ankle Strengthening (Rehab & Prevention)

Gymnasts, Cheerleaders, and Dancers rely on their ankles for serious support and strength throughout their movements. It is so easy to sprain an ankle and be out for a little bit. With such a common injury, there is also a simple solution. By strengthening your ankles, you can prevent future injuries and recover from past ones. Dr. Chris Knapp, from Sports Chiropractic and Natural Health Solutions (Boca Raton, FL), shows you 3 simple exercises that help heal weak ankles and prevent injuries. The...


Foam roll for better sleep and faster recovery

I have been seeing Dr. Rodman for almost a year now to heal the massive amounts of scar tissue in my calves from 20years of gymnastics. He has helped me relieve the constant pain and throbbing in my calves along with healing me from the injuries I still get from choreographing and just remaining active. This morning, during our session, he took some time to explain the importance of foam rolling before bed for all people, especially athletes. Buy Foam Roller on Amazon!