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Bouncing Back Failures & Staying Strong | Podcast Episode 4

In Episode 4, we discuss bouncing back from failures and how to continue on. We dive deep into making the best of every situation and never giving up. In dealing with disappointment, we have found that it is helpful to accept the situation, learn from it, grow from it, and never give up. Listen in for a hidden coupon code and this weeks updates.


Goal Setting & Ninja Warrior! | Podcast Episode 3

In this weeks podcast, we discuss goal setting, and how to make SMART goals. S- specific, significant M-measurable, meaningful A-attainable, achievable R-realistic, reasonable T-timely, tangible, trackable Additionally, we spoke about the power of your mind. Anything is possible if you first and foremost believe that you can achieve it. With negative thoughts, will come negative results. Lastly, we touched on how to attack your potential. With relentless resilience can come amazing results, and...


Fear, Social Life, Sacrifice, and Competition Tips | Episode 1

What happens when a gymnast/coach, retired gymnast, and gymnastics judge talk gymnastics? Topics in this gymnastics podcast include fear, social life, sacrifice, competition tips, visualization, raw talent vs. hard work, and choosing floor music. This podcast is meant to give gymnasts some insight and mentorship. Team Jumptwist gives advice on many topics that can help motivate and encourage gymnasts throughout their careers. If there are topics you would like us to discuss, please comment below...