Emily Gaskins

Jumptwist Goes to Italy!

Emily has been known to do beautiful classical ballet style routines combined with big tumbling. She can be quiet stunning with this type of choreography, but there is a lot more to her than just pretty movements.

Emily is a resilient gymnast who has been through a lot of change leading up to the Olympic year. In the last few years, Emily has trained with a few different gyms and coaches, and despite the uncertainty that she faced, she prevailed. Currently coached by Steve Nunno, two-time olympic coach and gym owner, Emily has added bigger skills to her repertoire. She is training hard at Palm Beach Gymnastics, FL. Her new floor routine was created with her hardships in mind and to help her stay motivated and determined throughout the routine.

Christina worked closely with the Jumptwist sound engineers to arrange this piece of music for Emily so that she can showcase a side of herself that no one has yet to see.

Once upon a time...

The routine starts off slow to show her elegance and beauty. Before her turn series, she dances down and up to represent the ups and downs that she has faced. When she comes up, it is with complete and utter confidence, and before her first tumbling pass, the music transforms into a high energy piano piece. After her second tumbling pass she gracefully falls to the ground to represent how life can sometimes knock you down. But before long, the music switches to aggressive drums. Sometimes when life is hard, instead of losing confidence, you need to fight back. This is what we call “Attack Your Potential.” And that is what Emily does with this new song. She aggressively pops up and goes into the fighting position. She leaps across the floor to finish in a sharp and bold pose.

You know that feeling you get when you overcome adversity or fears? That is what the dance after her leap pass represents. But after her third tumbling pass, the music slows down again and she almost slips back down. Even the strongest people have weak moments and this dance is to represent the weak moments that can sometimes slip in…but not for long. Emily triumphantly hops her way to the corner for her final pass and the music is fueling her. The ending of the routine showcases her grace, beauty, and accomplishments.

Way to go Emily!

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