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Welcome to the Jumptwist FAQ page! We strive to bring you exceptional customer service to make sure your experience with us is simple and smooth. If you have a question that is not listed on this page, please call (877)524-2184 or email (info@jumptwist.com) us so that we can help you!

  • How do I Purchase Music?

    If it’s on Legitmix:

    Click “Buy” in the top right corner of the song. Next click “In Cart” (it should take you to the legitmix website). Click “Checkout”, then “Proceed”, put all of your info in and Enjoy!

    Watch this video to help make your Legitmix purchase!

    If it’s directly on Jumptwist.com:

    Next to “Song Length Download” choose the version of the song you want. Enter the gymnast location and the level they are competing. Then add the song to your cart (It will refresh your page  and say that the song was added to your cart). View your cart and click “Proceed to checkout”, put all of your info in and Enjoy!

  • I Bought Music, How Can I Download It?

    If you purchased directly from Jumptwist.com:

    *You cannot download a song directly onto a phone or device, be sure to use a computer. 

    On the main menu at the top of the website you will find ‘My Account’. Put your mouse over ‘My Account” and click on ‘Orders’. You will be brought to an orders page that has Available Downloads. Your download link will be available under Available Downloads. Click on the title of the song and your download will begin instantly.

    In the case that your download isn’t appearing under Available Downloads, click on your order number under Recent Orders. This will bring you to the order page and you will  find Order details. You will see Download: Song Title. Click on the song title and the download will begin instantly.

    If you purchased directly from Legitmix:

    *You can download a song to your phone or device  using the Legitmix app 

    Watch the video below

  • How Do I Create My Custom Music Mix?

    You can create your very own custom mix here for Gymnastics Cheer Dance Figure Skating

  • Can I Download Music Onto My Phone Or Another Device?

    You cannot download the music directly onto your device. You can download it onto your computer and upload it to your device.

  • What is Legitmix?

    Legitmix is an online music store that allows remixers to sell their remixes in a way that the original artists get paid. Read More About Legitmix.

  • I'm Looking For A Specific Song...

    Search our store for the song you are looking for. If you can’t find it, set up a custom order with us and we can make it for you! Gymnastics Cheer Dance Figure Skating

  • What Are The Costs Of Gymnastics Choreography?

    Each level and package deal has an individual price point. In order for us to give you the quote you are looking for, please fill out this form.

  • I Need Help Finding Music!

    We love helping our customers find the perfect music! Email us some information as to what type of music you are looking for at info@jumptwist.com or call us at 877.524.2184 and a Team Jumptwist Member will help you find your music.

  • Which Length music Do I Need?

    Depending on the level you are competing, the maximum song length varies. Here are some of the rules:

    • Xcel Bronze – 0:45
    • Xcel Silver/Gold – 1:00
    • Xcel Platinum/Diamond – 1:30
    • Level 6- 1:15
    • Level 7, 8, 9, 10 –  1:30

    *Judges Tip: Please note that these are the maximum time restrictions. It is recommended that you use just enough time to fulfill your requirements. The less time you are out there on the floor, the less opportunity you have for deductions!

  • How Can I Change The Length Of The Music?

    If you would like to shorten or extend your music, you can do so here for music purchased directly on Jumptwist.com and here for Jumptwist music purchased through LegitMix!

  • Having trouble on Legitmix?

    Contact Legitmix at (800) 219 – 6897