Importance of self-confidence in Gymnastics




The gymnastics world is an intense, competitive, and exciting place to be a part of. However, it can be very stressful for young gymnasts. They have so much pressure riding on their every move from every angle. Their parents want them to do their best, the coaches are pushing them further, some gymnasts experience bullying from teammates (which is a whole new topic to write about), and of course they feel pressure from the judges giving them a score. I have been involved in the sport from almost every angle excluding a gym owner and a gym mom. I have trained for 20 years, coached for almost 10, choreographed for 10, and now I am on my 2nd year as a judge. I have many years of experience in this crazy gymnastics world, and I still learn something new everyday I am involved. To kickstart my new blog about my journey in the gymnastics world, I would like to start with some encouraging words: ATTACK YOUR POTENTIAL.

Most gymnasts involved in the optional levels have the potential to go very far in the sport. But why do so many quit before they reach those high levels? There are many answers to that question, but one I would like to touch on is MIND SET. It is very important for gymnasts to remain focused throughout the sport in order to progress through the levels. Sometimes the environment can be so stressful it is easy for the gymnast to lose her confidence.


Imagine you are in a bubble of positivity and don’t let anger, stress, or fear enter your bubble. Don’t forget how hard you have worked to be where you are and never let other’s actions or words change the way you feel about yourself.

Parents & Coaches

Try to add positive reinforcement while dealing with your gymnasts. If there is something they can do better, place an uplifting compliment before letting them know what they did wrong. Try your best to not get frustrated, and encourage the gymnasts to always believe in themselves. I am not doubting the parents and coaches out there, but maybe your gymnast can use a little more mental support through nice and exciting words from the people who mean the most to them!

That’s all for now ūüôā


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