Jumptwist California Bound

Tiffany Rachel Photography & Design

Hey everyone, this is Shannon, the Choreography Director for Jumptwist. I just wanted to fill you in on our first Jumptwist tour across America as we met with clients and headed to U.S.A Gymnastics Congress Trade Show. Taking us 12 days, 8 states, and a few RV Camps all in the 33 foot Jumptwist RV to California from Florida, it was truly an experience of a lifetime. The  Jumptwist Road Crew stopped to work with clients we had already sent choreography to for the tour. It was great to see all the gymnasts in person and get to personalize their floor routine and take it to the next level. We even had the chance to stop at a few Gymnastics gyms along the way to use their facility to choreograph for other clients. I guess you could say Jumptwist was mobil. On the road we even had the chance to work on new floor music coming out, as well as new CD’s for pre-schoolers, birthday parties, and recreational programs. Be on the look out for those Cd’s  coming soon on our website.  We also were hard at work putting together our Jumptwist App! Yes, we are launching our very own App.  One feature includes a place to store  all your videos for your workout to watch back and correct your skills. The most exciting feature will be the preview, instant purchase, and download of your music directly to your smart phone. The App was supposed to be completed the beginning of September, however there were some obstacles we are still tackling, so be looking on our website and social media for the official release date. The Jumptwist road crew even had the chance to do some team building for the company as we ran an American Ninja Warrior course in Texas. The craziest stop and highlight of the trip for me started with a quick stop at Naegelin’s Bakery, the oldest in Texas, as we had the chance to taste some amazing baked goods. After the bakery we were trying to catch the last ride down the famous Comal River as we  found ourselves running side by side with a group of eight deer. Apparently New Braunfels, TX  have deer in everyone’s yard. We made it just in time to relax  down the river taking in the beautiful sights along the way before we headed back to work and continue our journey to California.  


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