Master Your Music

Love to cut your own music, but can’t get that professional quality sound?

Jumptwist can master your track for you!

  • What is mastering?

    Mastering simply means that we will optimize your track by balancing the EQ, raising the overall volume, and making sure your track has crystal clear sound. Our experienced sound engineers listen for subtle imperfections, to ensure your mix is seamless.

  • Why should I master my track?

    For the best quality sound, of course! Using the highest standard analog and digital equipment, Jumptwist will ensure your very own mix is studio quality. Our sound engineers truly give the music heart and soul through out the mastering process. 

  • Mastering with Jumptwist

    We provide hassle and stress free communication which allows you to focus on creating the sound you want. We can master your music for your whole team, ensuring the highest sound quality and volume consistency; Never leave your music volume up to fate again! With our cloud service, if you ever lose your mastered track, you never have to worry; We save them in our server. 

Ready to Have Jumptwist Master Your Music?