Add a Beep to Your Music

Add a Beep to Your Music


The anticipation ends here.

Put a beep before your floor music begins, so you know when it’s on!

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 Choose from our selection of beep sounds to make it your own, upload your floor music, and we will email it back to you with the beep!


Time from Beep to Music *

Choose how much time you want in between the beep and the music, so you can prepare for your first movement.

Floor Music Track

Upload your floor music here (after you purchase it) and we will add your beep to it!

Email *

Enter the email address you would like us to send the file to after we put the beep on it. You can expect to receive the file within 3-5 business days after order is placed.

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Additional information

Beep Sounds

Standard Beep, Team Jumptwist Sound, Twisted Beep, Little Chime Shine, Jungle Drum, Lightning Strike, Sword Whoosh, Beautiful Blip


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