Breakfast Machine Floor Routine [1:00]

Breakfast Machine Floor Routine [1:00]



Choreography Level:  

  • Advanced Beginner


  • Moderate to Fast

Dance Style: Cutesy & Sharp

Gymnastics Elements:

  • Full Turn
  • Two Tumbling Passes
  • Leap Pass

Level & Location

Let us know which level the gymnast is competing with this routine and where your gymnastics club is located.

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This Routine Contains CUTESY Gymnastics Choreography

This routine is ideal for a young and outgoing gymnast who is looking to put a smile on the judge’s faces.

The choreography has cute yet sharp movements, tippy toes, floor work, and even a part where the gymnast can flex her muscles at the judges.

It also includes both lefty and righty instructions on how to perform the routine. You’ll definitely brighten up the judges day with this floor routine!

Once you purchase the routine, you will have access to the video instructional on our youtube channel. You can start learning the routine immediately! If there is anything in the routine that you do not like or would like to change, we include a free video cleanup. You can record a video of the gymnast performing the routine and we will give you our feedback and make the necessary adjustments.

Recommended Levels:

  • Xcel Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond
  • Level 6
  • Level 7 (Two Tumbling Passes)


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