Custom Twisted Track

Custom Twisted Track


If you can’t decide between two songs from our catalog and want to stand out, twist our music together to create your very own track.  The process is easy:

  • Select any two tracks from our catalog
  • Producers complete the twisted mix
  • Team Member will email you the track for approval.

We have a “Love Your Music” guarantee, so we will do whatever it takes to ensure you love the mix.!

Turn-Around Time: Up to 5 Business Days (could be sooner depending on availability)

Choose Your Music *

Which two songs from our catalog would you like us to Twist? Please put the songs in order that you would like us to mix them.

How Long Would You Like Your Mix? *

Once the two songs are twisted, how long would you like the Final Mix to be?

Licensing Options *

Make your twisted track ‘Exclusive’ and we grant you a Two Year exclusive license to use this music. This ensures that no one else will have your exact music for that time period. If you select ‘Public’, your Twisted Mix may or may not be listed in our catalog and available for others to purchase.


Can’t decide between two songs? Now you don’t have to! Select any two tracks from our catalog and we will mash them up to make you a Custom Twisted Track.


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