Electro Tango Mash-Up Floor Routine [1:30]

Electro Tango Mash-Up Floor Routine [1:30]




Choreography Level:  

  • Intermediate


  • Moderate to Fast

Dance Style: Dynamic

Gymnastics Elements:

  • One Leap Pass
  • One Turn
  • Three Tumbling Passes
  • Some Floor Work


This Routine Contains A Variety of Gymnastics Choreography Styles
This Instant Floor Routine is ideal for a gymnast who loves to perform to many different music styles!  There is an exciting floor work section with dramatic choreography. If you know a gymnast who is energetic then this is a routine for her! The music is an exciting and unique electronic mash-up of the songs La Bohemia by Electro Dub Tango, Snakefood by Safri Duo, Lovers’ Tango by Paul J. Borg, Zorba’s Dance by David Garret, and Suite from Sylvia: Pizzicato by Léo Delibes! 
Once you purchase the routine, you will have access to the video instructional on our youtube channel. You can start learning the routine immediately! If there is anything in the routine that you do not like or would like to change, we include a free video cleanup. You can record a video of the gymnast performing the routine and we will give you our feedback and make the necessary adjustments.

Recommended Levels:

  • Xcel  Platinum – Diamond
  • Level  7, 8, 9, 10 (Two Tumbling Passes)


Choosing Floor Music is such an exciting process, but it can be stressful if you don’t know where to start. Our team is passionate about helping gymnasts find the perfect music, which is why we welcome you to call (877-522184) or e-mail (info@jumptwist.com) us for help! All of our Latin gymnastics floor music is cut to optimize your routine for the highest possible score. Our team of sound engineers master every track to guarantee the highest quality sound. When looking for music that stands out, Jumptwist has got you covered!


Can’t find the track you’re looking for? Want to create a custom mash-up? No need to look else where, as we offer a variety of musical genres and can create custom gymnastics floor music just for you! Learn more about our custom music services here!


Need the perfect gymnastics choreography to go with your perfect floor music? We offer a variety of options to best fit your budget. You can either fly us out to your gym, come to our South Florida studio, or try our video instructional service. Check out our custom choreography services! We also have a growing library of instant routines. Learn your new floor routine from the comfort of your own home! Check them out here today! (Music is included in the purchase of both custom choreography and instant routines)


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