Freeze Adventure



New song from the Movement Fun Volume II album that features a stop and go challenge for the kids! This song relies on the children’s listening skills as they have to FREEZE when the music stops. This fun and unique song will be perfect for kids that love a challenge!

Lyrics  and [Instructions]

[Students begin gathered in any formation]

Are you ready to go on an adventure?

When the music stops FREEZE

when the music starts

our adventure continues

Lets Go!

[Students free-style dance]

We’re Swimming in the Ocean

Swing your arms around

Keep Swimming!

 [Students freeze]

We’re Marching in a Band [Students march around the room]

lifting up our knees

Keep Marching!

 [Students freeze]

We’re dancing at a party [freestyle dance]

Grooving to the music

Keep Dancing!

[Students freeze]

We’re swimming in the Ocean [Students freestyle dance]

We’re marching in the band

We’re dancing at a party!


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