Jump and Twist



This Movement Fun Volume II song features a lot of jumping and twisting to help stretch out muscles and lets the kids have so much fun while they jam out to this song. This arrangement starts off with the kids jumping up and down on the ground, twisting round and round on the ground. This arrangement features a big band sound and guitar verses that are sure to make any kid want to rock out!

Lyrics and [Instructions]

Are you ready to Jump and Twist? Let’s do it!

When I jump I go up and down [Students begin to jump up and down]
Up and down
Up and down
When I jump I go up and down
Jumping on the ground [Students stop jumping]

When I twist I go round and round [Students begin spinning around in place]
Round and round
Round and round
When I twist I go round and round
Twisting on the ground [Students stop spinning]

When you jump and twist [Students jump up and down while twisting around at the same time]
You do it like this
Jumping up and down
Twisting round and round

Watch me Jump and twist
Watch me
Jump jump twist
When you jump and twist
You do it like this

[Students freestyle dance, incorporating jumping and twisting]

Yeah, that’s great!
Jump, twist

Jump jump jump jump [Students jump up and down]
Twist twist twist twist [Students twist around in circle]

Jumptwist! [Students jump up and down while twisting around]


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