Mountain Fun



This Movement Fun Volume II song will make the kids feel like they’ve just climbed a mountain! This fun song starts off with a train-ride up the mountain, a section where the kids can climb even higher up the mountain and then play in the snow, and finishes off by skiing down the mountain. This song is perfect for any energetic kid that wants to have fun in the snow!

Lyrics and [Instructions]

[Students begin song standing in a circle]

(Train Whistle)


Hurry hurry hurry

It’s time to go

Up into the mountains

To play in the snow

Gather together passengers [Students turn to form a line behind the teacher or line leader and put their hands on the shoulders of the student in front of them]

Next Stop

Top of the mountain!

(Train whistle) 

[Students begin to walk in a “train” around the room or designated area]

Stay together!

(Train whistle)

We’re almost there!

(Train whistle)

[Students stop, and spread back out into circle]

The mountain views are great

But our journey is not done

Let’s climb even higher

So we can have more fun

Start climbing! [Students reach arms up higher and lift knees up one at a time to “climb”]

(Blizzard winds gusting)

Reach higher!

Keep going!

We made it to the top [Students stop “climbing”]

And it is time to play

Let’s make snow angels [Students lay down and move raised arms  and legs simultaneously open and closed to make “snow angels”]

Oh what a great day!



So beautiful!

The snow is so much fun

But it’s time to go

Lets race down the mountain

Skiing through the snow

[Students stand up and jump facing left and right, holding imaginary ski poles in hands]

Ready? go!

(Gusting wind)

Look out!


We made it to the bottom

We did it and we won

Lets sit by a fire and relax [Students sit down in circle]

Well done!


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