Movement Fun, Volume II

Movement Fun, Volume II


This Preschool Dance album is jam packed with upbeat musical styles and instructional movements that are fun and educational. Some of the cognitive development activities include gross motor skill development, body part identification, crossing the midline, tempo recognition, teamwork, imagination, FREEZE, and many more. Props are recommended for three of the songs (a parachute and a musical instrument). This album is fun and silly, a great workout, and teaches kids important development skills. Dance to these songs in a gym, school, or at home!


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The Movement Fun Series Continues With Volume II!

This new album features a special song that teaches children how to listen and play music. It is a really fun song that will have the kids playing along with the music while walking in a circle. We also included two parachute songs that have unique styles. Not only do you have ten instructional dance songs to use with your preschoolers, we also included all of the instrumental songs for use during other fun activities.

Check out our music video for featured track, Jump and Twist!

Instructional Songs Tracklist & Demos:

Instrumental Songs Tracklist & Demos:


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