Parachute Teamwork (Prop- Parachute)

Parachute Teamwork (Prop- Parachute)



This song is featured on the Movement Fun, Volume II and features a Caribbean theme. The kids all have to use teamwork in order to use the parachute and will have so much fun doing so! This song is great for learning how to share and put their best foot forward as a team.

Lyrics and [Instructions]

[Students begin gathered in a circle with the parachute in the middle of the circle]

Pick up your parachute everyone, It’s time to play! [Students pick up parachute and raise it to mid-body height]

Let’s walk together [Students begin walking to the right {or left}]

Holding our parachute

We’re walking together

Taking the scenic route

Walking with you is so much fun

FREEZE [Students stop moving]

Teamwork is great for everyone

Now let’s go backwards [Students begin to walk in reverse holding the parachute]

Holding a parachute

We are walking backwards 

So don’t fall on your toot

Going backwards is so much fun

FREEZE [Students freeze]

Teamwork is great for everyone

Let’s lift our arms into the air [Students lift parachute above their heads]

Working as a team

Up and down and up and down [Students shake parachute up and down]

Now everybody scream! [Students scream while shaking the parachute]

Playing with you is so much fun

FREEZE [Students freeze]

Teamwork is great for everyone

Lets count to 3 

Then throw the chute

1 – 2 – 3 THROW! [On “3”, students throw the parachute up into the air]


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