Take a Break

Hello everyone, it’s Shannon Director of Choreography here at Jumptwist. I want you to take a moment and reflect, then take a deep breath. During this time of the year when there is so much going on sometimes you need to take a moment to yourself. This moment alone could be all sorts of different things. When I take a moment for myself I turn my phone off a few nights a week,  go for a walk, or  just lay down for an hour and put some quiet music on in the background.  I think it’s important to unwind and let your mind, body, and soul take a break other than sleeping. I can really feel the difference when I take the time to do these things as I seem to feel re-charged and ready for the next thing. Taking a break for yourself  is very important, sometimes we try to please or help so many others that we loose sight of ourselves. I encourage you to try this, give your mind and body a moment to regroup. Most importantly in a time where there is so much negativity in the world. Close your eyes, deep inhale, slow exhale, open your eyes and smile. You got this!


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