Handstand Helper

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  • Foldable: while most canes are clunky and huge, Gymnastics Handstand Canes come apart and fold flat in seconds for easy storage and transportation.
  • Beautiful Design: this polished wood design has an amazing hand feel and looks gorgeous in any home, studio or fitness room. The moment people see these canes, they immediately want to practice.
  • Super Fast Setup: insert both canes into the base board, and you're ready to practice in minutes.
  • Max Strength: Gymnastics Handstand Canes are used in our professional studios so they are weight-tested for quality and safety. Practice with confidence.
  • Easy Solution: rather than spending the weekend at the hardware store, sawing wood and trying to fit together plumbing pipes, these Handstand Canes offer a plug-n-play solution that just makes your life easier. However you like to move, the Handstand Canes will help you with grip strength, L-sits, plank, planche, handstand and more.

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