Fast Dry Suit

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    Material: Spandex
    Size S 55cm(Length): 60cm(Waist)/ 74cm(Hip)/ 72cm(Over Bust)/ 62cm(Under Bust)
    Size M 56cm(Length): 64cm(Waist)/ 78cm(Hip)/ 76cm(Over Bust)/ 66cm(Under Bust)
    Size L 57cm(Length): 68cm(Waist)/ 84cm(Hip)/ 82cm(Over Bust)/ 70cm(Under Bust)
    Size XL 58cm(Length): 72cm(Waist)/ 92cm(Hip)/ 88cm(Over Bust)/ 74cm(Under Bust)
    Size 2XL 59cm(Length): 76cm(Waist)/ 98cm(Hip)/ 96cm(Over Bust)/ 78cm(Under Bust)
    Feature1: Dry quickly easy to hand wash
    Feature2: Exquisite cutting and fashion design, really trendy
    Main Material: Polyester



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