Handstand Blocks

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  • Better Handstands. Most people struggle to learn handstand because they simply jump up again and again. The YOGABODY Handstand Blocks allow you to develop stronger fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders to dynamically balance
  • Reduce Wrist Pain. Wrist pain occurs because of underdeveloped hand and forearms strength. The blocks will reduce pain in the short term, and prevent and heal your joints creating stronger muscles keep joints from jamming and hurting
  • Hop-Up / Press Up Booster. With the Handstand Blocks, they force you to "over jump" giving you a bigger range for building strength. This exaggerated hop builds the strength and muscle-memory to make your non-block handstands easier
  • It's Good Fun! – There are infinite variations. You can do class handstand, lotus legs, handstand splits, handstand roll-overs and so much more. When you add Handstand Blocks your pose potential immediately doubles
  • Specs & Features: 3mm non-slip rubber on the bottom. 5.12 in / 13 cm (long) x 3.5 in / 8.8 cm (wide) x 8.8 cm (tall), smooth-finsihed bamboo (cleanable, non-scuff), industrial-grade. Weight: 1.8 lbs per block (3.6 lbs total)

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