Stretch Assist

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  • Elasticized Fabric
  • Improve YOUR Flexibility : This stretch strap used to use for athletes to prevent work-out injuries. Great for keeping your body muscles, tendon and ligament healthy.
  • The 10 seconds of 12 type of whole body stretching : you can stretch your whole body with our Balancecord band with 10 seconds for each training, it will help your daily life be happy and productive
  • The Best Durable Band: This bands consist of our special type of stretching band to maintain elastic force for a long time
  • Made by Professional Physical Therapists : We have made COMI stretch straps with our experience from what we have done when we worked at hospitals for several years. There is Know how in a COMI stretch strap
  • Great for full body stretching: we have posters and videos for 12 different ways of stretching that you can try easily!

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