Zoggs Ear Plugs

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  • SiliconeSuper soft silicone is unique to our ear plugz. The medical grade silicone is so soft, you forget they are in your ear.
  • Our unique design allows our ear plugs to fit perfectly in your ear, causing the ear plug to never fall out. VOTE #1 BEST FITTING EAR PLUG!
  • RE-USABLE: Use for multiple swims. Simply wash with warm tap water and allow to air dry. Repeat cleaning process for pro-long life of ear plugs for long lasting use.
  • Protective carrying case allows for easy transport and maximum protection when traveling to do your swim training, swim meets, triathlons, and other water sporting events.
  • IDENTIFY WITH R (RIGHT) OR L (LEFT): Easy identifiable markings of R (Right) or L (Left) on earplugs. Never be confused as to which ear plug goes where.

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