Gymnastics Floor Music

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Welcome! Jumptwist provides gymnastics floor exercise music and free gymnastics music demos. Our floor music comes in three different song lengths and we can even extend or shorten the music to meet your needs. Contact our gymnastics music specialists for help choosing music! If you are looking for choreography, checkout Christina Gambino’s work on our choreography page.

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The Squat On Nightmare


Gymnastics is a sport that requires serious physical strength, but what a lot of people tend to forget is how much of a mental sport this is as well. If you are constantly worrying and doubting yourself in gymnastics, unfortunately, you are going to continue to fall and potentially get hurt. This applies to life in general. If you are walking around complaining and being negative, more negative things will come your way. As a level 5 gymnast, I struggled with the Squat On.  Here is a quick video demonstrating the “Squat On” Skill on the uneven bars. At one of my competitions, I fell on my Squat On 4 times. Yes you read that correctly. I remember struggling with it in the warmup, and before I could salute to the judges, I was already doubting that I would actually make the squat on in the routine. Here is a replay of my thoughts during that routine: Fall #1– “Oh no, I knew this was going to happen. I can never just make this skill!” -Then I attempt the skill again- Fall #2– “Of course I fell again, I’ve been falling this entire day, I’ll never make it.” -Making a mad face,[…]

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“When your Kingdom is Attacked, Don’t Flee. Show Them Why it’s Your Kingdom.”


Bullying. It can be so hard for kids in school. Now put those kids in a leotard and in gymnastics, one of the most competitive individual sports out there. Unfortunately, kids are not the only ones who have to deal with this type of abuse. I’d like to open up about my experiences getting bullied from almost every angle in gymnastics.  So who are the Bully’s, and who are they Bullying? 

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Comfort & Laughter with your Gymnasts

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 Being a young coach (age 23) fresh out of collegiate gymnastics to a group of girls ranging from the ages of 10 and up to high school is both challenging and rewarding. If you are one of the younger coaches in your gym you may be able to relate to some things I am about to share. Lets start with the GREAT aspects about being a young coach. First and foremost, the feeling of love and respect is very prominent. Sometimes I feel like a big sister/role model to my girls. It is easy to have a connection with young gymnasts because I know I once was in their exact shoes. There have been many times they have requested advice about a certain feeling they are having in the gym (and I have felt the same feeling) or maybe just wanted to share some fun outside facts about themselves. Being only 1 year retired from gymnastics, the emotions and mindset of being a gymnast are still very much within me.

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