I’d Like to Introduce Myself…

Hey! My name is Christina Gambino and I am the founder of Jumptwist Music. I wanted to introduce myself to everyone visiting this website so that you can know where the music, choreography, and blog posts are coming from! I am here to make the decision-making process easier for you. I have been involved in competitive gymnastics since 1990 and have seen the sport evolve with equipment, rules, and musical styles. I am currently a NAWGJ Gymnastics Judge and am having such a great time on my gymnastics journey.

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Grand Opening…Jumptwist Boutique

    I am so excited to announce the new Jumptwist Boutique! I’ve wanted to make inspiring and motivational shirts to wear as a coach for a long time now. I finally found some time in between coaching, choreographing, judging, and rebuilding Jumptwist’s website to design and create these Jumptwist Tees.

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New Choreography REEL

Check. this. out. I have been wanting to make a montage of some of the routines being featured in the 2015 competitive season for a while now and it’s finally here. I have hours of footage and did my best condensing it.

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Entry of the Gladiators

This song is one of my favorites right now as a choreographer! I imagine a gymnast full of personality performing to this one. It starts off with the classical circus theme and goes into a high energy fun track. When I first heard this song, I immediately got inspired to make a routine for it, I am just waiting for the gymnast who wants it and calls me! If you know a gymnast who would love this song send them the link: http://jumptwist.com/product/entry-of-the-gladiators/

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