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Our team of choreographers use the information provided in the form to customize a routine that will match the personality and strengths of the gymnast. We are a team of professional dancers, choreographers, coaches and judges. Our routines have been featured both on the National Team and Internationally. Once we choreograph the routine, we perform and teach it on a gymnastics floor through video. We send you the video that has the links to the floor map and music. The floor map is a directional guide that will show the gymnast where to begin the routine as well as move across the floor throughout the routine. The starting corner is very important as the routine is choreographed for the judges, meaning, the gymnast must start in the corner in respect to where the judges are seated. The map shows you where to start and where to move. In the video tutorial, we teach the routine step-by-step and then show you each section in slow motion. This helps you see where the moves go in regards to the music. Once the gymnast learns the routine, we suggest you send us a video of it so we can give you feedback. If further assistance is needed, we have a one-on-one video appointment where we can clean up and adjust the routine. This is a great idea to do before competition season begins so we can fine tune the routine and get ready for competition. The video delivery is 20 business days from day and time of purchase. If there are any delays, we will keep you posted. Fill out the form in its entirety so we have all the information to make an amazing routine. 
Catalog music is included in the price of the routine. However, if you are interested in custom music, you will have to place that order first. The choreography delivery date will be from the day the music is approved. 
We have been doing this video choreography service since 2014 and it has been proven to be a successful way to provide professional choreography to gymnasts all over the world without the travel fees involved. 

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This video will include a performance of the routine set to the music, instructional segments teaching the routine, and a slow motion replay. We advise you to learn the routine within two weeks of booking a one-on-one session with us. 

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