Established in 2010

Jumptwist provides Music, Movement, and Motivation to the Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading, Preschool, and Fitness World. We produce and arrange Gymnastics Floor Music and Choreography for Artistic, Rhythmic, and Acro Gymnastics Routines.
Our Team consists of gymnasts, retired gymnasts, coaches, dancers, judges, and gym parents! We are a team of people who have dedicated our lives to our sport and genuinely appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your Jumptwist Journey.
Our Choreographers come from different dance backgrounds and work alongside our gymnastics judges who collaborate on every routine ensuring you will receive a unique, professional, and score-optimized routine every time. 


All of our floor music is fully licensed and produced by professional composers,  instrumentalists, and sound engineers. Our team of gymnasts, dancers, and judges, all work very closely with our producers to create the music exactly how we envision the routines. We choose some of the biggest hits from the radio, songs from the top soundtracks, and even compose our very own music bringing you a truly exclusive floor music experience. 

Our catalog is organized by musical genres where you can browse all of the music and listen to each demo version. The time lengths available range from 0:45 up to 2:30 minutes bringing you options for Artistic, Rhythmic, and Acro gymnastics. We offer a free floor music consultation to help you find or create the perfect performance piece. 

Every gymnast is special and has their own personality and style. Our custom music service allows our clients to create that perfect floor music that they always imagined legally, at an affordable price. Our services consist of recreating songs you love with the proper licensing and arrangements, custom compositions to create a song from scratch just for you, a twisted mix service to mash up two songs from our catalog, and an extend/shorten service so that you can get the right time length for your routine. 

All of our music begins with the signature Jumptwist Beep sound to let the gymnast know that there music is on. We counted 1-2 after the beep so that the music always begins on time and so can you. We know what it feels like to hold your starting pose, just wondering when you music will begin, and this beep will take the anticipation away giving the gymnast more confidence beginning her routine.

Exclusive Music is our newest catalog! This is the problem we set out to solve when Jumptwist began. It is time for gymnasts to finally have their own floor music without ever hearing it at competition by anyone else. The music in our exclusive catalog was composed and produced by our in-house musicians so that we can guarantee no one else will have your music. We grant you a two-year exclusive-use license from the purchase date to ensure that you will be the only one with your music. 


Our choreography services are one-of-a-kind. Not only do we have an amazing team of professional dancers, gymnasts, and judges, but we are constantly tweaking and updating our system for designing high-scoring floor and beam routines. 

What makes us truly unique, is that we are a team of choreographers that work together on every routine. You never have to worry about seeing the same dance moves or having us run out of ideas. We always work together to ensure we keep every routine fresh.

We are available to fly out to your gym and work with your entire team efficiently and making sure your routines will be clean and sharp. We do not sacrifice quality when doing a high quantity of routines which makes us a great option for your large team. 

Another unique service that we offer is video instructional routines. Now it is possible for you to have professional choreography, without all the expensive travel fees. We perform and teach the routines through a video and sure you the movements in slow motion as well. Every routine comes with a Floor Map so the gymnast knows which corner to start in at competitions. Our routines are designed with the judges view in mind so the starting position is very important to us. 

ONLINE ROUTINES: We have a growing catalog of online floor routines where you can choose music and star learning your routine the same day. These online routines are perfect for a mid-season move up, a last minute new routine, or to just have a more affordable option for choreography. We never sacrifice the quality of the routine whether it is through a video or a private one-on-one appointment. Our routines are always optimized to score high through timing, composition, and playin gon the gymnast's strengths and avoid their weaknesses. 



Christina is a retired NCAA Division I Gymnast, an International Choreographer, a Gymnastics and fitness coach, a NAWGJ Level 10 Official Judge, and most recently, an American Ninja Warrior. Read more about Christina Here.

Growing up, Christina always volunteered her time to cut music for her gymnastics teammates, her dance performances, and cheerleading routines. Her passion for creating performance music along with the growing demand for her service had her thinking about making her hobby a legal business, and within two weeks of retiring from college gymnastics, Jumptwist was born. Christina was on a mission to bring gymnasts the opportunity to stand out at competitions. Before graduating from college with a BBA in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship with a Minor in Music and Political Science, Christina created consulted legal professionals who guided her on how to start Jumptwist. She also began choreographing floor and beam routines for gymnasts of all levels and ages throughout the world. 

As the years went on, Jumptwist began growing quickly, so Christina formed a team comprising of gymnasts and dancers just as passionate about music and movement as she was. Her teammates are hand-picked and everyone works together in the studio, on the road, and in the office to make sure we bring gymnasts unique floor music and choreography. 


Shannon fell in love with gymnastics at the age of four enrolling in his hometown recreational program where he eventually became a coach for the program at the age of 14. Advancing his skills quickly, he was noticed by the high school gymnastics coach and was recruited in 6th grade to be on the Varsity gymnastics team where he qualified for states in floor and vault in grades 7-10 as well as choreographed floor routines for the girls gymnastics team. While on the team, the coach introduced Shannon into the world of dance and started taking ballet at the age of 13. At the age of 16 Shannon shifted his interest and dance became his life and passion.
Studying dance, competing in dance competitions acquiring  many  national titles, as well as teaching all before graduating highs school, Shannon was accepted to Shenandoah University majoring in Dance. Performing at the prestigious Kennedy Center and numerous University performances only lasted two years. Shannon already started auditioning for professional dance opportunities and was receiving offers right away.  Leaving Shenandoah University to work as a professional dancer for the next 20 years,  where  he has obtained the title of dance captain as well as  performed and choreographed on many shows.  Shannon has danced on cruise ships with  Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises: theme parks include: Hershey Park, Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, and Tokyo Disneyland.  He has traveled in tours across the United states, as well overseas in numerous cities in the following places : Germany, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Belarus, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom. Shannon has appeared in commercials, performed on national televised events, won national awards for his choreography, taught dance classes, workshops, produced many conventions shows across the sunshine state, and coached competitive gymnastics in Florida.
 Shannon manages all of our choreography orders and staff choreographers making sure you will receive the highest quality and personalized routines. 




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