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I just wanted to thank you for an amazing routine. My daughter scored a 9.7 on floor yesterday, placing first on fx and winning the All Around! After the meet, the floor judge pulled me aside(I'm also her coach) to compliment the amazing floor choreography. We have had 3 meets thus far, and this routine has received compliments every meet. We have bought a few routines from Jumptwist and couldn't be more pleased with them. Just thought I'd let you know how great your choreography is, we could not be more pleased with your products!

Brandi-Lee in Massachusetts at Gymfinity

Thank you and bless you Christina & Jumptwist! The choreography is fantastic! The creativity, uniqueness, and fun all shows in the beam and floor when my daughter and her teammates perform these! I can't thank you enough for traveling to GA! Blessings!!!!

Wendy Bryan, Tift Gymnastics Academy GA

This year my daughter Grace did a mid season move up to level 6. We were concerned about trying to get a routine done locally that would be quick and unique. The video choreography arrived before it was promised and was incredible! This weekend Grace competed the routine and got a 9.05 on floor! It was nice to have a unique looking routine and one of a kind music. Even though we live far from Jumptwist studios, we were able to have the perfect routine done professionally and plenty of support to help us if we needed anything. I never thought a video choreographed routine would work but after seeing Grace competing this routine I am convinced it is a great option. Thank you Christina and Jumptwist Music!

Brittany Fisher Perley‎, NH

We Love Love Love the floor and beam routines you choreographed for Lyndsee & Kaylee and the other TGA girls!!!! Thank you so much!!! Can't wait to see them all in action!!!

Lori McDonald, GA


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