Custom Choreography

Embarking on a new routine can be simultaneously thrilling and overwhelming. The pursuit of excellence calls for no compromise, yet the costs associated with professional choreographers can be expensive, with exorbitant travel fees further. We present our Video Routine Service - a remarkable solution that offers the expertise of skilled choreographers, without the burden of extravagant travel expenses. Experience top-tier professional choreography from the comfort of your own space.

Our team has years of training, competing, judging, coaching and choreographing artistic gymnastics, ensuring your routine is both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing. Our choreography service will provide you with the tools to take your routine to the next level. We use your information to tailor a routine that fits your gymnast's individual needs, helping them reach their full potential. With our à la carte services, you can choose from custom floor and/or beam routines. Our one on one sessions allow us to work with each team member individually in order to clean up and put the final touches on their routines. Moreover, we offer both Zoom appointments and in-person meetings depending on your location. Our home gym is located in Boca Raton, Florida.  Contact us today to get started! We look forward to helping you achieve success. 



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