Gymnastics Choreography

Personality and Poise with Jumptwist Gymnastics Choreography

     Getting a new floor routine is one of the most exciting moments in a gymnast's career. This is the chance to showcase the gymnast's strengths, identity, and charisma through music and movement. 

Our team is comprised of professional dancers/performers, retired college gymnasts, and Official Judges (NAWGJ Level 10). We ensure that every routine is not only optimized to score the highest, but that we include unique choreography that highlights the gymnast's strengths and hides their weaknesses.

Every pose, look, step, and direction that we choreograph serves a purpose.

Whether we double-check your special requirements, hide a back leg during a leap, or have you strike a pose directly in the judges view, we make sure that your routine sets you up for success. 


Our choreography service has been improving over the years ensuring that every routine that we make and every one-on-one session is focused on perfection and efficiency. We know what it takes to be an optional gymnast. Time and money is not something that can be wasted, so we send you a video teaching the choreography in advance for the gymnast to learn. 

Within this video, you will get to see the routine performed by our team of choreographers in full speed and slow motion so that you can study the placement of movements in relation to the music. We also break down each section giving you detailed tips and techniques to perform your best. You will also be given a map of the routine on the floor so that you know which corner to start in in relation to the judges at each competition. The process of learning a routine through a video is so easy and efficient that a lot of our clients never actually book in-person appointments. 

We love meeting everyone, but our video instructional system works so well that you don't need to pay expense travel fees for our professional choreography service. 


Our one-on-one session consists of clean ups and taking the routine to the next level. We take this time seriously as we enhance the choreography, clean up the movements, and make sure the routine looks competition-ready.

The gymnast shows up to the one-on-one session already knowing the routine. This means that instead of the choreographer spending hours teaching the routine, they can hours tweaking the the routine. Taking out the sections that cause footwork deductions or that the gymnast doesn't love (we can totally tell and thats totally okay). Adding the skills that the gymnast secretly wants in and working on the artistry and performance. The more time you spend working one-on-one with us, the better the routine will be. 

These sessions can be in-person or done directly through video chat.  


We encourage you to watch our choreography videos and call us with any questions. To purchase one of our gymnastics choreography services, click here.




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