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In this podcast, Christina and Jen talk about the importance of goal setting, staying focused, and how your goals need to be greater than your fear. They touch on the topic of hard days making you stronger. With their experience in competitive gymnastics, they talk about how disappointment can gives you the strength and appreciation for success. And that believing in yourself is extremely important in reaching your goals. A few other topics of conversation in this podcast are being relentless, resilient, and never giving up. Team Jumptwist is here for you and we want to hear from you! - Email us at info@jumptwist.com - Chat with us LIVE at Jumptwist.com

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Episode # 5: Featuring 3x American Ninja Warrior and Advanced Body Worker, Ninja Nicky Thumbs gets in on the conversation with Christina Gambino on this new exclusive Jumptwist Podcast. Nick and Christina talk about what it is like to compete on American Ninja Warrior, the importance of mental strength as well as physical when it comes to being the best athlete, dealing with injuries and setbacks, and more. Listen in for great information from two top athletes! You can email Nick Patel Directly for more information on Self-release Seminars or to Book an appointment: nickythumbs@gmail.com

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comebacks, never give up -

In this episode we discuss bouncing back from failures and how to continue on. We dive deep into making the best of every situation and never giving up. In dealing with disappointment, we have found that it is helpful to accept the situation, learn from it, grow from it, and never give up.

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