Finally Download Floor Music to Your Phone!

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Finally Download Floor Music to Your Phone!

No More Synching Music to MP3 Players!

We have been working all Winter trying to solve this music download issue to become more efficient with the way that the gymnastics community receives and organizes their music. 

What we came up with is an instant, simple, and reliable way to download your floor music directly onto your devices to be ready for competition. 

Once you make your purchase either through our website or app, you can open the download link in the email that you receive with your order number.

Before opening your download email, make sure you have DropBox installed on your device. 

If you are a coach, we recommend that you create a DropBox account for your team and create folders for each of your levels. Organize your account however it will be the easiest for you. 


If you are on a smart device, you can still download your music directly to your device using Drop Box.

  1. Download the Drop Box App
  2. Create or Log into your Drop Box Account
  3. Check Your Email for your Order Confirmation and Download LInk
  4. Click the Link to open your Download
  5. Click on Download in the new tab.
  6. Music will start to play. To save the file on your phone and download directly to a drop box account, click the save button and choose dropbox folder. 
  7. You can choose the folder you want to save it in within your dropbox account. 
  8. Click Save. 
  9. Your Music will now be in your Dropbox Folder.
You can make your music available offline and when you are at competitions, you can put your device on "Do Not Disturb" 



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