Choreographer Affiliate Program

What is our affiliate program?

We are scouting and training choreographers all over the world on the Jumptwist Method of choreography created by Christina Gambino (NCAA Gymnast Rutgers University, NAWGJ Level 10 Rated Judge, 20+ years dance/choreography experience, 3x American Ninja Warrior Competitor).

Our affiliate program is a training and certification where we teach choreographers our systems for creating high scoring and high performing floor routines. Once you become a Jumptwist Choreographer you will be able to submit routines for sale on our website as well as creating and starring in our videos that we send to customers. You will be trained on how to design the routine, tips for the movements as well as how to host an appointment whether it is a one-on-one in person or through zoom. Once you become a Jumptwist Choreographer, you can work with local gyms as well as be flown across the country to work with teams of all ages and levels.  

What is our affiliate program?







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