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Children learn so much through music and movement activities. Some things they learn are:

  • Patterns through rhythm
  • Language through repetive words and actions
  • Listening skills while listening and following directions
  • Spatial awareness skills (up, down, over, around, etc.)
  • Body awareness
  • Gross motor development
  • FUN!
This album is a wonderful CD that supports the above skills and MORE!

This Movement Fun CD has 13 Music and Movement activities.  No items are needed to participate in these songs, with the exception of the tracks 11 & 12.  These two are Parachute songs.  

However, if you do not have a Parachute, you can use a small blanket or towel.  These tracks are also great for children to do using their own version of a parachute.  For example, use a dancing scarf for parachute tracks.

"Activities involving both music and movement can be helpful for children to develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally. This album combines various musical styles with developmentally appropriate activities such as loco-motor activities, crossing the midline, body part identification, and self-expression to name a few. Rock out to these songs in a gym, a classroom, or at home!"


For more freestyle fun, tracks 14-25 are the instrumental versions of each song!  Our children LOVED this!

This CD comes with an instructional booklet.  The booklet contains the words to all of the songs as well as instructional information for us teachers!

Note that there are instructions on how to introduce the song to the children in the section directly under the name of the song.  This tells us what to instruct and expect!

Under each line of the song are instructions for that particular verse!

Example:  The first verse is

"Can you pike and touch your toes and touch your nose?

Under that verse, in parenthesis, it states

"reach for your toes, then tap your nose".

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