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There are many factors and perspectives that are calculated before a gymnast is given a score on any event. One judge can see a completely different routine than the judge sitting just a foot away. There is also an allowable range of scores that can be given so it is important to not get too hung up on one judge's score, but you need to understand what the largest deductions are for improvement. 

With this evaluation, your routine will be scored by a NAWGJ Level 10 Judge and you will be given a list of the largest deductions received. With the report that you receive, you will be also be given a list of tips and techniques that can help improve the gymnast's abilities to lower the deductions and increase the scores. 

As a coach or parent, it can be confusing to sometimes see a low score when you thought the routine was great. It is quiet sad sometimes for the judges as well to see a gymnast being penalized for missing requirements or simple mistakes that could have easily been prevented with a bit more knowledge of the Code of Points. 

When uploading a video of a routine, it is important to make sure the gymnast's entire body is in the frame at all times. It is best that the camera is not moving as well. When filming vault, bars, and beam, it is important to also film from the side so that the angles of the gymnast's body can always be seen. 

Note: Your evaluation will be sent to you within 5 business days of the order being received. 


"Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Christina for taking the time to look at Nadia's floor routine. Just taking some of the small measures improved her score .6. We will be making some of the major adjustments she suggested moving forward into next season. Nadia didn't want to change the floor routine the last few weeks going from states into regionals. Her regional meet was her best meet of the season. Thank you again! "- 

Julianne Hawthorne Szymialis

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