Twisted Samba Floor Routine [1:30]

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This routine was created for a gymnast who has great splits and some back and shoulder flexibility. It starts off with sharp poses to get the energy going before the first tumbling pass. Ideal for a gymnast with great coordination, the choreography includes hops, turns, and claps. This routine is fast paced and hits perfectly with the music. The floor work is sharp and fun. There is also a graceful slow down section where the gymnast can catch her breath. The ending has an anticipating build up and finishes with elegance.
Gymnastics Elements Included: 
  • 3 Tumble Passes
  • 1 Turn
  • 1 Leap

Tempo: Fast

Dance Style:  Sharp, Hip Hop, Ballet

Level of Difficulty: Advanced

Recommended Levels: 

  • 1:30 Level 8/9/10/ NCAA

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