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Orders for the Custom Floor Routine will be guaranteed by August 1st at the latest. Note that this applies to all summer orders.

We are breaking the mold when it comes to gymnastics choreography. Our team of experienced and professional choreographers, dancers, coaches, and judges use the information you provide in the form to customize a routine that matches the personality and strengths of a gymnast. Our routines have been featured both on the National Team and Internationally.

Once we custom-create your floor routine, you will receive a video with directions for performing the routine step by step as well as advice on how to adjust it for optimal performance at competitions. We also provide an interactive floor map which will guide you through each section of your routine from start to finish so you can start in the right corner accordingly.

Finally, if you need assistance further fine-tuning your routine or getting it competition-ready, our experienced team members are available for one-on-one video appointments anytime to help give feedback and clean up any sections that may need some help. If you're looking for a customized floor routine experience that will match your gymnasts's style and enhance their competitive edge, look no further than Custom Floor Routine.

Book your one-on-one session here.

This video will include a performance of the routine set to the music, instructional segments teaching the routine, and a slow motion replay. We advise you to learn the routine within two weeks of booking a one-on-one session with us. 

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